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Lana Del Rey


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Oh . unter We Heart It.


In the last week I have had exactly one (1) strong and sudden urge to hear each of the following songs. Click the links to hear them yourself!

"Video Games" - Lana Del Rey (video is above; Heaven is a place on earth where you / Tell me all the things you wanna do)

"A.D.H.D." - Kendrick Lamar (Got a high tolerance / When your age don’t exist)

"From The Ritz To The Rubble" - Arctic Monkeys (Got too deep / But how deep / Is toooo deeeep?)

"Hyperballad" - Björk (I go through all this / Before you wake up / So I can feel happier / To be safe up here with you!)

"The Akara" - Beirut (Soooo loooong / To these kite strings!)

"Apollo Kids (Feat. Raekwon)" - Ghostface Killah (Since the face been revealed / Game got real)


So Far So Good | via Tumblr on We Heart It.